League of Legends: Champions released in May competitive play worldwide

May 04  GL  

We already wrote a Kennen birthday article – https://gosu.ai/blog/lol/league-of-legends-happy-birthday-kennen-gosu-ai/ And we liked the idea of noting some cool stats and things relating to champions. Since no particular champion had its birthday today, we decided to go on and sum up […]

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League of Legends Infographic: DWG KIA ShowMaker

Apr 30  GL  

ShowMaker is coming to MSI. The current mid laner world champion. Only played for DAMWON basically his whole career. Team now rebranded as DWG KIA. ShowMaker results are kinda weird. His results in LCK are amazing. Competing against some of […]

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League of Legends: 2021 Mid-Season Invitational

Apr 29  GL  

MSI is almost here. This article is basically here to catch you up if you missed the last few months of League of Legends competitive play and want to enjoy the tournament fully. There are quite a few storylines brewing. […]

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League of Legends: Unofficial World Champion

Apr 28  GL  

We all know that the official world champion currently is DAMWON. They dominated the 2020 Worlds and left no doubt that they are the best. But let’s imagine that the World Championship title can be won just by winning against […]

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League of Legends: Viewership

Apr 23  GL  

League of Legends can boast huge numbers being the number one watched esports game in the world for a while now. Some tournaments are watched a bit more now and again, but when considering the leagues that are running for […]

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League of Legends: DAMWON World Champions Skins Announced

Apr 22  GL  

One of the highlights of winning the League of Legends World Championship is having a skin line dedicated to the team that wins it. Even hours after the trophy has been lifted the speculation begins as to which champions will […]

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League of Legends: New Champion – Gwen

Apr 20  GL  

It hasn’t even been a week since the latest champion release and a lot of people are trying her out and checking if they can make it work. This, giant scissor wielding champion, is an up-and-close type of champion. Magic-AP […]

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League of Legends: LCS 2021 Mid-Season Showdown

Apr 16  GL  

LCS Spring is over in NA too. Although they have a different name for Spring Playoffs now – Mid-Season Showdown. It is all the same as before. The top NA teams battling it out for who will go to MSI. […]

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League of Legends Infographic: MAD Players

Apr 15  GL  

Armut & Elyoya, two new additions to the MAD Lions squad. Both quite young and both already making huge waves in the LEC. Elyoya won the rookie of the split award and this isn’t even the first time he did […]

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League of Legends: Everything You Can Earn In The Space Groove Pass

Apr 13  GL  

The newest League of Legends event centers around the highly-anticipated Space Groove skins. To go along with the new groove, Riot announced the start of the Space Groove event, which will feature unlockable content in the Space Groove Pass. Players […]

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