League of Legends: Summer Split Potential EU NA KR

Jun 21  GL  

You know what people love most, drawing conclusions out of the first few weeks of pro play. And we will do just that! We will look at every region and see who performed best and worst. What champions were most […]

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League of Legends: LEC Team Rosters for Summer Split

Jun 18  GL  

League of Legends European Championship (LEC) is underway! Finally we are back to the EU action. But before we cover any of the games, this article is meant to catch everyone up to speed who are actually playing for the […]

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League of Legends: LCK Team Roster Changes for Summer

Jun 11  GL  

I rarely wrote anything about the League of Legends Champions Korea (LCK) esports scene. But from now on I really want to try to focus a bit more and give you, the readers, a chance to catch-up to what is […]

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League of Legends: LCS Summer Split – Roster Changes

Jun 09  GL  

League Championship Series – Summer Split is underway! Some teams had their rosters changed, as is custom between spring and summer splits. Let’s look at the teams and list out the changes that happened in their lineups. 100 Thieves Ssumday […]

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League of Legends: Best Champions of LCS

Jun 05  GL  

League of Legends Championship Series. The universally recognized name for any gamer out there. From the inception of the league, NA rivaled against the EU and only in the last few years EU seems to be way ahead. A lot […]

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League of Legends: Best Champions of LEC

Jun 02  GL  

Over almost a decade of League of Legends European Championship, there were plenty of champions that were considered best. Riot is constantly updating the game to keep the meta fresh. I wanted to review the history of champions that were […]

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TFT: Riot Reveals Set 5, Shadow Items, New Units

May 30  GL  

Patch 11.9 will usher in a new era of Teamfight Tactics, with Set 5: Reckoning arriving to TFT! Riot has released the first look into Set 5, including a breakdown of some of the units, comps, and the new mechanic, […]

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League of Legends: Darius Competitive Performance

May 28  GL  

Darius was released 9 years ago on 2012 05 23. 9 years of ups and downs and this is just another part of a somewhat in-depth review of champions in the League of Legends universe. Over these 9 years, Darius […]

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League of Legends: MSI RECAP

May 25  GL  

Mid-Season Invitational 2021 is over! It is over. All matches are played out. The 5-game grand final is done, all is left now, to gather the stats and sum everything up. First of all the winners: Royal Never Give Up […]

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League of Legends: 2021 MSI REVIEW pt.3

May 20  GL  

Group Stage 2 is finished! 1st – DWG KIA – 8:2 2nd – Royal Never Give Up – 7:3 3rd – PSG Talon – 6:4 4th – MAD Lions – 5:5 5th – Cloud9 – 3:7 6th – Pentanet.GG – […]

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