WoT: Triple Top of the Tree

WoT: Triple Top of the Tree

May 02 GL  

This is not your typical Top of the Tree. We have made some changes to the popular spotlight special and will shine a light on not one or two, but three fantastic top-tier tanks at the same time!

Do you prefer a mix of medium and heavy tanks with a proper punch at the top? Take on the  X WZ-111 model 5A  line and treat yourself to this fast heavy tank with good DPM and 490 alpha damage.

Are medium tanks with a unique autoreloader more to your liking? The  X Progetto M40 mod. 65  is waiting for you at the top of a line filled with fast driving and even faster firing Italian vehicles.

Or do you want sturdy vehicles with great armor and even greater firepower? In that case, the  X T110E3  is just waiting to join your tank collection.

Lucky for you, we have put together discounts and missions for extra XP that will give you a proper boost to quickly reach the top. The special will last the entire month of May, which gives you time to explore all three branches.

No matter which path you choose, make sure to take full advantage of the following discounts on the purchase price in credits and XP missions. Don’t forget that you can also purchase an extra boost if you want to speed things up even more!


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