WoT EU: New 7v7 Tournaments

WoT EU: New 7v7 Tournaments

Apr 06 GL  

The schedule remains the same every week for the entire month. The times below are given in CEST (UTC+2).

15:001v1 T42v2 T41v1 T42v2 T41v1 T41v1 T61v1 T6
17:001v1 T62v2 T61v1 T62v2 T61v1 T61v1 T82v2 T10
19:001v1 T82v2 T81v1 T82v2 T81v1 T87v7 T107v7 T10
20:001v1 T102v2 T101v1 T102v2 T101v1 T103v3 T93v3 T10
21:003v3 T103v3 T103v3 T103v3 T103v3 T105v5 T95v5 T10

Are you up for a challenge? Head over to the registration page and join any of our tournaments.


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