WoT – Developer Diaries: American Yoh Tanks

Sep 16 GL  

Wat in the world did I just see!????
The TierX is a Frankenstein…….
I’m not sure about the track-thing but that’s the least of our problems.

OH and i LOVEEE how they lie about the premium tank:

“the copula is hard to hit on long range”
shows a tank with 0.42accuracy aiming at it on 150m

“and the weak spot beneath the gun is hidden if you are on a hill!”
– SO WHAT? the COPULA will ALWAYS BE SEEN FIRST and SHOT first… and the enemy will redraw afterward! …..
Nobody will aim for a weakspot 1:3 the size which can be hidden if there is a giant one which can be seen from all sides !?

I mean… really? do they think we are this stupid Oo


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