WoT: April 2021 Specials Sneak Peek (EU)

WoT: April 2021 Specials Sneak Peek (EU)

Apr 04 GL  

April 5 through May 5: Enjoy our latest edition of the Top of the Tree special. At the start of the month, we’ll focus on the X XM551 Sheridan , a speedy American at the top of the line of light tanks. Known for their good mobility, view range, and rate of fire, these vehicles are true American boy scouts, great for the type of player that loves aggressive recon!

April 20 through May 20: The second Top of the Tree special takes aim at the X Bat.-Châtillon 25 t . Heading the French medium line, this French ambush artist will wreak havoc in battle with its powerful autoloader and penetration value of 259 mm, 390 average damage per shot, and a 5-shell drum. Combining a small frame, impressive acceleration, good manoeuvrability, and a 65 km/h top speed, this is a deadly, versatile medium!


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