Reworked HE Shells: How to Play to Their Strengths

Reworked HE Shells: How to Play to Their Strengths

Jun 22 GL  

2. HE shells will be able to penetrate screens, tracks, and the wheels of wheeled vehicles at the point of impact. They will also be able to penetrate insignificant and/or destructible objects (fences, destructible structures, etc.)—this is a direct consequence of changing the HE shell damage model from the area of influence to the point of impact.

When an HE shell penetrates a screen, its armor penetration values decrease. Accordingly, the chances of penetrating the armor are reduced, so when the shell hits the armor, it will already be “weakened”, and penetration will only occur if the armor is rather thin. If an HE shell penetrates a screen and explodes on the armor, the “spall” mechanic takes effect and is guaranteed to cause damage. The amount of damage will depend on the thickness of the armor plate on which the HE shell exploded.

Compared to the previous version of damage mechanics that was available before Update 1.13, we added the ability to penetrate screens, external modules, and destructible objects. However, after penetration, the armor penetration of HE shells will be reduced by a special coefficient.

There will be two different coefficients of armor penetration loss: 1.0 for destructible objects and 3.0 for screens, tracks, wheels, and external modules. This means that, for example, after penetrating a screen with 20 mm of armor, the HE shell will lose 60 mm of its penetration value, and the next attempt to penetrate a vehicle’s armor will be calculated considering this reduced value.

As a result, the probability of penetrating the main armor after penetrating the screen will greatly decrease, especially for vehicles with weak side armor. The probability of taking high HE damage when your vehicle is penetrated with an HE shell will also be lower.

If an HE shell does not penetrate a screen and therefore does not reach the armor, it will not cause any damage at all. To fire HE shells effectively through screens, you will need to consider the thickness and slope of the screens.

If an HE shell penetrates the tracks, screens, and wheels, but there’s no armor behind them, it will deal no damage. If there is armor, it will cause damage.


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