Official Patch 11.23 Notes Released!

Nov 24 GL  

In order to streamline Caitlyn’s future visuals, skins, and overall development, we’ve given the Sheriff of Piltover an Art and Sustainability Update (ASU)! In-game models, voiceovers (VO), sound effects (SFX), and visual effects (VFX) for Caitlyn and eight of her skins have been modernized. All of her splashes have also been updated, and some have been completely redone.

Jayce and Jinx have also been modernized for clarity and thematic purposes.

Caitlyn ASU

During this ASU, Caitlyn’s Headshots were re-coded as empowered attacks rather than abilities. This removed several cases where Caitlyn was able to Headshot while her basic attack was on cooldown since Headshots now use her basic attack timer. We’re monitoring Caitlyn’s performance—especially at high skill levels—to ensure this doesn’t unintentionally nerf her.

The following changes apply to Base, Arcade, Prestige Arcade, Headhunter, Lunar Wraith, Officer, Pool Party, and Safari Caitlyn, except for the new VO. VFXs, SFXs, splash arts, and in-game models for these skins have been updated to varying degrees.

VOICEOVER Base Caitlyn has new VO

BASIC ATTACK Added ejected bullet when reloading her rifle

PASSIVE – HEADSHOT “Passive Ready” SFX adjusted for more of a Hextech feel. Added SFX that plays when Caitlyn’s Headshot is ready for use.

Q – PILTOVER PEACEMAKER New meshes and particles made to look more Hextech. Initial on-hit SFX are now more impactful than subsequent hits.

W – YORDLE SNAP TRAP Added indicator on traps and their activation VFXs. Trap SFXs adjusted to match new animation timing.

E – 90 CALIBER NET New range indicator. On-hit SFX are now more impactful

R – ACE IN THE HOLE New laser and Hextech imagery. On-cast SFX are now more impactful and have additional Hextech elements.

Jayce VFX & SFX

The following updates apply to base and Debonair Jayce only (except for the VO). VFX and in-game models for Debonair, Forsaken, Full Metal, Jayce Brighthammer, and Resistance Jayce have also been updated to varying degrees.

VOICEOVER Base Jayce’s voice lines have been remastered for clarity and quality

BASIC ATTACK Missiles and hits are now unique between ranged and melee stances. Added new critical hit VFX.

PASSIVE – HEXTECH CAPACITOR Modernized visuals for reduced noise and clarity

Q (MERCURY HAMMER) – TO THE SKIES! Modernized visuals. Added clarity to match AoE size.

Q (MERCURY CANNON) – SHOCK BLAST New projectiles and explosions. Added burst when projectile supercharges.

W (MERCURY HAMMER) – LIGHTNING FIELD Modernized visuals with better defined AoE edge. Reduced noise to match damage level.


E (MERCURY HAMMER) – THUNDERING BLOW Modernized visuals; addded directionality on knockback



Jinx VFX & SFX

The following updates apply to Base, Ambitious Elf, Crime City, Heartseeker, Firecracker, Odyssey, and Zombie Slayer Jinx. Crime City, Firecracker, and Zombie Slayer Jinx’s in-game models have been cleaned up to varying degrees.

BASIC ATTACK Added glows to machine gun missiles. New rocket trails and explosions.

W – Zap! Modernized ground telegraph, missile, and hit VFX

E – Flame Chompers! Modernized telegraph visuals

R – Super Mega Death Rocket! New missile and explosion. Modernized rocket animations to emphasize its movement boost



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