League of Legends: LEC Grand Finals

Sep 01 GL  

MAD Lions 3:1 Fnatic

If you asked people how far would Fnatic go this year, what would they say? After they lost Rekkles and looked like complete interns at the start of the year. Not many people would have guessed that they would beat G2 Esports and get to the grand final. But of course, their run ended here. Rogue coined them as “worse MAD Lions” and they might have been right about that one. It seemed that their playstyle is very similar to that of MAD Lions. But just slightly worse. MAD Lions had total control of the series. Even when Fnatic pushed them to the edge in game two, MAD still managed to find good fights and almost come back from a 10k gold deficit.


League of Legends: Гранд-финал LEC

Champions Played

League of Legends: Гранд-финал LEC

League of Legends: Гранд-финал LEC



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