Black Market 2021 Day 5 Offer #2: Closed auction: Т-22 sr.

Black Market 2021 Day 5 Offer #2: Closed auction: Т-22 sr.

Mar 08 GL  

You see, terms you are using to describe them (WG), are not usual ones, so it still makes me wonder what is the reasoning behind all of this:)
My reasoning is very simple – I really had enough of many people who dislike the game telling me/others how bad it is. It surely is not the best game, but some people still like it to some extent. That extent might vary, and is currently close to quitting for me, but I believe there are enough people who will still play it.

I still fail to se how WG differs from most of other big companies when it comes to earning money, which is what you are trying to impose here. For me, all of them look the same, and have same goal. How they achieve it is on them, and some are better than the others. Obviously, WG is doing pretty well despite partially ruining what used to be very fun game, and making it to something that is onlt sometimes fun, but sometimes frustrating.

“Most of us think otherwise” is interesting sentence, as it implies organized group of people, or you have some data to back up that? Like, in 2013, when the game was still enjoyable, X amount of people were paying Z amount of money anuall, and in 2021 that figures are 10 times smaller. I would assume that only WG would have such data, unless you are angry former emplyee who had access there (since you are implaying I have relationship with them 🙂 )?

Overall, I think we can agree to agree on most of the things about the game in it’s current form, and agree to disagree about the need of repeating that in every forum related to WOT.


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